360 product photography is rapidly becoming the standard across multiple industries, benefiting retailers and consumers alike. Providing customers with a full visual overview of your product can keep your business ahead of the game while optimizing customer satisfaction.


Zooming in and zooming out have been product image staples for years. But 360 product photography takes this to the next level by allowing full-degree visual rotation of products. With our studio’s photo services, we can capture a full set of still images of your product at precise intervals. By combining these stills, we create an image that allows customers to inspect products in a fluid visual environment.


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Climbing Conversion Rates: A written product description is all well and fine, but images are what truly sell products. By delivering a deeper visual experience to potential customers, you can lock in more conversions.

Reduced Returns: A 360 view gives customers a much better idea of your product than a few 2D images. So when the product arrives, there is less chance they had something else in mind. A full, rotatable image gives the customer a full idea of what your product looks like, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Boosted Brand Recognition: When a customer sees a product from every angle, they can recognize it more easily. It sticks in the mind and provides them with a better likelihood for future brand recognition.

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Why Space and Light?

Better looking products sell better, simple as that. And no place is better for achieving outstanding product photos than a professional photography studio. 360 product photography is no exception, requiring a unique setup and software to achieve crisp images that look true to the product. Space and Light takes the hassle out of getting images that bring the best out of your products. With consistent high quality across the board, our studio delivers product photography that brings your products to crisp reality.

Photography Solutions In Every Shape & Size

Whether you need a single creation or a full catalog of products to show off, Space and Light has a solution to match. We work closely with every client to find your optimal solution, providing photography packages that are ideal for your company’s goals, products, and platforms. Our model focuses on your unique targets and helping you achieve them through visuals that live and breathe with life.

Wide Range of Size

From small items to room-sized behemoths, we can capture every angle to create your 360 images. If you want it in 360, we can shoot it. If you are in doubt and think something is too large, give us a call first and we can work to find a solution.

Different Quality Tiers

The more images captured, the smoother your product will rotate in every dimension. We work with you to find the right quality to showcase your product and let customers see what it’s all about.

Years of Expertise At Your Fingertips

At every point, we have your back. Any information you need? We are more than happy to share. Anything a hassle? We handle it. As professional photographers, our goal is to keep your experience smooth sailing from start to finish. Our expertise is entirely at your disposal.



Space and Light, Photography Studio, specializes in a wide array of 360 product photography and video production, compatible across all online platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and more.

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