Ecommerce Video: The New Retail Enviornment

The New Retail Environment

In the first quarter of 2018, more than 85 percent of shoppers over the age of 15 made a purchase online. Ecommerce is growing faster than any other retail sector, and it’s no surprise: Today’s buyer is always on-the-go, fiscally advantageous, and has a cell phone glued to their palm. In a world of influencers, fast fashion, and seemingly endless content, it can be difficult for brands to show mass audiences what makes them different.

For decades, even before rise of the internet, photos have reigned supreme in the fashion industry. Nostalgia reminds us of the days of polaroids, of exquisite fashion spreads in glossy magazines. Photography is still an incredibly important piece in the puzzle of a successful retail brand, but it no longer needs to be the only tool in your ecommerce kit. 

It’s hard to deny, however, with thousands of online denizens watching over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day (PER DAY!) the importance of video in today’s online marketplace.

Competition of Content

Imagine it: It’s 2019. Instagram and Facebook are used more frequently to communicate than actual phone calls. Fashion is no longer being dictated by brands or by publications: Content is king. Influencers are the new monarchy, and quality of the visual representations of products is just as important as quality of the product itself. Likes and shares are no longer shouts in the dark, but testimonials to the trustworthiness of your brand. 

It may seem impossible to stand out in a market so saturated with content. Fast fashion brands and major retailers alike are beginning to vary their online retail shops to now include 360 degree product photograpy and ecommerce video. 

Video content is incredibly effective for ecommerce brands because it allows you to tell your brand’s story.

Storytelling in merchandising is extremely popular with today’s retail audience. It’s an effective way of sharing information about your brand, and create an image your buyers align with. It helps to make your customers more emotionally invested in your brand, and increases new as well as repeat sales.

The Numbers

Let’s look at some statistics:

Video results account for 15% of Google results

58% of shoppers find online retailers with videos

more trustworthy

Ecommerce videos can reduce returns by up to 35%

71% of consumers believe videos explain

or show products better

73% more visitors who watch videos will buy

SEO Optimization 

Video content is not just beautiful filler for your site, but a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool. It can greatly benefit your website traffic: video content has been proven to make a significant contribution to how your online store ranks on search engines.

Generating shares on social media boosts brand awareness, as well as increasing your chances of earning a link on your viewer’s blog or website. Link building is tantamount to generating traffic to your online retail store, and can increase SEO ranking innumerably.

Video content also increases conversions and drives sales. Once you’ve attracted a visitor to your online store, video content gives you the chance to engage with them and impress them, perhaps enough to inspire a purchase.

A video is worth one million words

If you’re a fashion retailer, then you can feature videos showing how your garments fit and move on a model. This gives the viewer a significantly better understanding of your clothing than a photo or a short written description ever could, and is visually engaging, as well. Think about the struggle brick and mortar retail shops are still experiencing – Why does the dress look so great on but so bad on the hanger?

Product videos and 360 degree product photography allow you the opportunity to show off your products and give the viewer an accurate portrayal of what they’re considering buying. Product videos can also be used as informational tools, to explain the how and why behind your merchandise, or your business as a whole.

Are you hoping that your online retail shop will replace your brick and mortar store, or are you starting a clothing line purely online? Videos should be your go-to accessory. They are the closest you can get to showing the flow and fit of your garment without your customer base having to physically try it on.

What does all of this mean for your brand? Trust.

By providing product videos, you give buyers quality information that doesn’t hide behind good angles and lighting. They understand the products they’re ordering and are happier with their purchases. With every great transaction, you build more and more trust.

Space + Light has been creating beautiful and unique ecommerce videos for years, and is only growing in the ever-changing world of digital content.  If you’ve been waiting to incorporate ecommerce videos on your online selling platform, contact us now and see how simple it will be to begin the process today.