Ghost Mannequin (Invisible) Photography

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The Perfect Option for Clothing Designers and Online Retailers

One of the most popular (and difficult to correctly achieve) eCommerce trends is called Ghost Mannequin. The Ghost Mannequin style is the perfect option for clothing designers and online retailers alike. With the Ghost Mannequin styling technique (also known as “Invisible Mannequin”), all traces of mannequins and/or models are removed from your photographs.While the popularity of Ghost Mannequin photography has increased in recent years, the quality of a majority of photography studios leaves a lot to be desired.

At Space and Light Digital, we want your designs to stand out to potential buyers, which is why we create a more effective shape and angle with less Photoshop effects, bringing your designs to life by perfectly executing the Ghost Mannequin look. Also, we are now offering plus size women’s Ghost Mannequin Photography, and Kids Ghost Mannequin Photography. Inquire for sizing.

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Ghost Mannequin Style

With Ghost Mannequin, each item is shaped the way it would be on a person, making it easier for buyers to envision themselves in your designs; unlike the flat lay styling option, in which your clothing and apparel are laid out shapeless on a surface or backdrop, mannequins allow your items to hold their desired shape, which can make images of your products appear to be more professional and harmonious. While mannequins can be a problem is not used properly, this way of styling your fashion or apparel lets your product do the talking, the mannequin is completely invisible in the photographs!

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