The Full You Ship, We Shoot ™ Experience

Our award-winning state-of-the-art 6000 square foot photography studio resides right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in the fashion district. Being located in this business mecca provides us with distinct advantages, as we’re local to many brands and agencies that rely on us to provide the revenue-enhancing visual solutions that satisfy their ecommerce needs. Plus, being this close to a plethora of models of all kinds ensures that we can cast exactly the right type of look for on-model photography projects.
For the brands that don’t reside within the Greater Los Angeles area, the good news is that you don’t actually have to be located anywhere near LA to work with us. We can provide visual ecommerce solutions to any brand; anywhere, anytime.

Introducing You Ship, We Shoot

You Ship, We Shoot™ is Space & Light Digital’s full-service solution to making high quality photography affordable and available for brands all across the country, and with the quickest turnarounds. It is a very simple process, by which we first coordinate with you on exactly what your needs are, then you ship your items to us; we perform the shoot, and then we send them back! Couldn’t be easier.
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First things first, give us an idea of what you’re looking for by filling out our submission form. This is your chance to introduce us to you and your brand and get the ball rolling; let us know what types of products you have, and what kind of photography or video services you had in mind. Or feel free to book a Calendly with one of our specialists and we can jump on a call or a video chat, or however you’d like to connect with us to chat about your project.

Satisfying Your Visual Needs

Maybe you know exactly what you need, or maybe you need a little bit of help figuring it out. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Choose the type of photography, lighting, and backgrounds you want; the possibilities are practically endless. We also offer model casting, post production, graphic design, art direction services, as well as crew members for hire!
Before shooting, we ask that you provide us with a mood board or reference images, because we want to get an idea of what moves you visually and the kind of creative direction you’d like to take with your brand. We’re here to serve your vision, and we want your inspo!
Some established brands already have very specific creative guidelines in place, so send us your brand deck or style guide and we can certainly follow those to the letter as well. Some of our clients sell on the ecommerce platforms of major retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Sak’s Fifth, Nordstrom, and Farfetch. These retailers have their own photographic guidelines, and we’re well acquainted with adhering to them precisely.

Standard vs. Premium

We have standard photography packages for products and apparel that simply and effectively get the job done for ecommerce— and at the right price too. We’ve been doing this for so long that we’ve perfected the streamlined process that allows us to pack a ton of high quality value into an affordable price, turned around quick (as fast as 24 hours with our proprietary AI-powered retouching process).
Starting at a mere $33 per image (with the price becoming even lower if you order multiple angles shot for the same item), just imagine stocking your ecommerce site with extremely cost-effective product or apparel images that look this good:
ghost mannequin photography project of blue mini dress

Standard On-Model Photography

On-model photography is typically a premium service, but for apparel and some products, no other style of photography is going to give your ecommerce site the power to showcase to your customer how your goods are going look on them.  It can be the difference between putting that item in their cart and checking out… or not. So with this in mind, we offer standard on-model photography packages that are fast and affordable as well.
A female model standing for ecommerce photography in Los Angeles studio
A male model in eCommerce photography project in Los Angeles studio with jean pant and coat
A female model with long denim coat and black boats
Elegant simplicity is the key to our standard photography packages. These kinds of cost-effective offerings are perfect for fast-fashion startups or those who are working with a limited budget. Combining incredibly affordable images of your apparel shot on-model, with even more cost-effective flat lay or ghost mannequin shots that highlight a garment’s details is the secret to increasing conversions and keeping customer returns super low. The ROI potential that results from displaying multiple angles and image styles like these on an item’s product detail page is well worth the price paid, especially when we can make it so affordable.
But sometimes a simple background and basic, standard photography falls short of your creative vision. For some projects, a more premium offering that infuses your items with an influx of increased visual energy might be exactly what you’re looking for.While premium photography naturally comes at a higher price, our experience and expert process still allows us to deliver a luxury-style offering much more affordably than other studios can.
When cost is less than a concern, these are the kinds of gorgeous images that result:
A male and female models in front of landscape setup for photography with all green shades in background
A female model wearing Rhude black sweater standing on a ladder
Image of a chain with ring and stylish hand cuff with diamonds holding by a woman hand
We said that You Ship, We Shoot™ was simple, but you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of photography options that we have available to you. Not to worry; in our initial consultation, we will expertly guide you through the options. Space & Light Digital has over two decades of experience providing photography solutions that enhance ecommerce success for any brand. We understand your visual needs all too well; so we can patiently walk you through it or, if you know exactly what you want, we can all sprint to the finish line. Our flexibility is our strength.
After our initial discussion, and you decide on exactly what kind of photography services we’re going to perform for your brand, the ease and simplicity of You Ship, We Shoot™ really starts to shine through.

Prepare Your Items

You’re going to make your products easy for us to unpack and photograph by using our handy dandy stylesheet.
Here you will list and describe each item that you send us as well as any instructions or notes for the shoot; it’s important that all of the items are tagged properly to match the info on the stylesheet.
Package it all up and ship your items so that they arrive 2 days before your scheduled shoot. Be sure to include a return label so that we can promptly return them to you afterwards.

Shooting Your Items

This is arguably the easiest part for you; kick back and allow us to expertly shoot your items from afar. Premium shoots include the option for you to join us on set from wherever you’re located at by attending the shoot remotely through our virtual live session technology. Here you can see us in action in real-time and participate by approving images on the fly during the shoot.

After the Shoot

With our proprietary AI retouching technology we can usually have your final images ready for you to download or request revisions within 24 hours for a standard shoot. High volumes or Premium projects might take a little longer, so we like to say 48 hours for those, just to be safe.
After that, we will lovingly pack up your items, and with the return shipping label you provided, send them right back to you!
Our flexibility, speed, and wide range of services makes us an ideal photography studio for all types of products and apparel, as well as for any situation your own ecommerce efforts might be calling for. This means that if you need high quality images, we’ve got you covered.
If you’re on a tight budget, we’ve got you covered.
If you need images produced fast, we’ve got you covered.
If you have a high volume or have overflows, we’ve got you covered.
Need something special to really make your images stand out? Oh, we definitely have you covered.
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