Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time for standard projects is 24 business hours (if under 50 SKUs). For additional retouching requests, the project will take another 24 – 48 business hours, depending on the size and complexity of the request.
Premium projects under 50 SKUs are turned around 48 business hours after your photoshoot takes place. For Premium Projects, your retouched images will be ready for review 2 days after the photoshoot. If no adjustments are requested, you will receive your high resolution images that day. For additional requests, you can expect changes to be made in another 24 business hours.
For high volume projects (over 50 SKUs), please schedule a meeting to discuss turnaround time, high-volume discounts, and test shoot details.


Our studio minimum is 10 SKUs or $350. If you have less than 10 SKUs, you will have to pay the minimum price, add angles, or add SKUs to reach the minimum price

What is included

Every project includes one round of basic retouching, eye level color correction, and garment clean up. For premium projects, advanced retouching and color correction is applied, and an additional round of retouching is included.
Final delivery of images includes one background color, one file format (JPG, PNG, TIFF), and one cropping ratio. Images will be sent as both high resolution and web ready sizes.


For on-model images, usage rights are negotiated between the client and agency.
Space and Light owns the rights to all images. Clients are free to use these images however they like, so long as they do not claim to have shot them or own them.
Buyouts are available if clients would like to own the rights to their images. The price of a buyout is discussed on a case by case basis.

Premium vs Standard

Standard projects are for garments or products that need little to no styling. With Standard projects, you receive one round of edits (color matching, masking, background and garment cleanup) and no revisions.
Premium projects are for garments or products that require detailed styling or more thorough editing, such as reflective or transparent material. Premium projects are also best for clients who would like custom lighting, stylistic layouts, or revisions after the first round of editing.


Premium projects have one round of revisions included. For standard projects, additional edits can be made for $15-$35 per image.

Color Matching

Basic eye-level color correction is applied to all projects, using the samples given to us as reference. Please note that this color matching is 70%-80% accurate. Digital and physical colors may differ, as all monitors are different.
Changes done using photoshop to alter the original color of the samples we shot are an additional fee of $150 per 100 images.

Shipping Samples

Samples can be dropped off at our studio Monday through Friday, between 10am and 5pm, or they can be shipped to us during those same hours. If you would like your samples to be shipped back to you, you must send us a return label.

When can I have my samples back

Our team holds onto all samples for color matching purposes. We typically like to have them for at least a week after your photoshoot. If you need samples back earlier, you can also provide us with digital or physical swatches.

How many images are included for on-model shoots

The number of final images that will be retouched and delivered varies depending on the type of project the client has chosen.
For Premium photoshoots, a half day includes 100 images and a full day includes 200 images.
For Standard photoshoots, a half day includes 80 images and a full day includes 160 images.
For our a la carte projects, retouched image packages can be purchased for the following prices:
50 images: $250.00
100 images: $350.00
150 images: $600.00
200 images: $750.00

Rush Projects

We offer Rush services to clients who need their final images sooner than our usual turnaround time. We can guarantee final image delivery in 48 hours for Rush projects. However, in order to do so, our team must pause other shoots and prioritize this project. Since these circumstances require so much attention, we apply a Rush fee of 100%.


We completely understand that sometimes a shoot needs to be canceled. For flat lay, product, or ghost mannequin photoshoots, we ask that you let us know at least 48 hours in advance.
For on-model photoshoots, we ask that you let us know at least one week before. This way we can notify our staff and contractors. If a project is canceled less than a week before the shoot, we may charge a cancellation fee to reimburse HMUA, Stylists, Digitechs, and Photographers for their time.


Our studio requires a 50% deposit to be made before we receive any samples. If a deposit is not made at least 48 hours in advance, we may release your hold and reschedule your shoot. Our team will reach out 24 hours beforehand to notify you that your hold may be released.

Styling instructions and moodboards

Basic styling instructions, such as how many buttons to close or how to tie any strings, should be written on the stylesheet we provide you. More in depth styling instructions are limited to Premium projects. Reference images for styling are helpful, but not required.
For creative hero, stylized flats, lifestyle, and editorial projects; we require a mood board to be provided by the client.


Our studio does not work directly with agencies to hire models. We do offer casting services to help connect our clients with models and agencies.
We ask for a 1-2 week lead time to scout models for you that can accommodate your photoshoot schedule. Casting calls do not include model rates. Included is our photographer & studio space for the client to view the models, and a web gallery will be sent to choose your favorites.

Mannequin Sizing

We offer several different mannequin options, with varying sizes.
Female: Height: 63-64″ (without head), Shoulder: 18″, Bust: 33″, Waist 25.1″, Hips 35.4″
Male: Height: 69″ (without head), Neck: 16.5″, Shoulder: 21.7″, Chest: 41″, Waist: 31″, Hip: 41″
12 year old child: Height: 53.5″ (without head), Shoulder: 16′, Bust: 28.5″, Waist: 24.5″, Hip: 31”
6 year old child: Height: 41″ (without head), Bust: 25″, Waist: 22″, Hip: 25”
Female Plus Size: Height: 64′ (without head), Bust: 42″, Waist: 35″, Hips: 46″

On Set and Virtual Links

For on-model shoots, our clients and their teams are welcome to join us in the studio. Due to the size of our stages, the studio max a the client’s team is up to 8 people on Stage one, and 4 people on Stage 2.
For Premium projects, we also offer virtual links to watch your photoshoot live. If you are interested in joining a live session, please let our team know the day before your shoot.

When Do Samples Need to Arrive

Samples must arrive at our Studio at least 48 hours before your photoshoot. That way our stylists can check in and prep your samples.

How many formats can I receive my final images in

Final images will be sent as high resolution and web resolution JPGs or PNGs.
For premium projects, we also offer TIFF files.
Images can be delivered in two file formats for an additional $150 (if under 100 images) or $295 (if over 100 images).
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