Ultra Capture Study

Capturing Beauty , One Click at a Time

Introducing Ultra Capture by Space and Light Digital crafting insights, inspiring beauty: Where content meets research in cosmetics.

Embark on a transformative journey with Space and Light Digital’s avant-garde offering Before and After Photography Services, now accessible nationwide from our Los Angeles headquarters. In a groundbreaking departure for the cosmetics and beauty industry, we take pride in presenting real models with authentic skin concerns, on a quest for genuine transformation. Setting ourselves apart from industry norms, we prioritize authenticity by consciously eschewing AI editing, selfie filters, or retouching tools that have prematurely truncated the longevity of numerous companies.
In our decade-honed suite of professional photography, videography, casting, and testimonial services, we pledge a holistic approach. This innovative methodology meets the escalating demand for authentic representation, with recent studies revealing an 86% consumer preference for retailers conducting genuine claims testing. Answering this call for transparency, our Los Angeles studio introduces a comprehensive perspective, showcasing stills, videos, and offering before, instant, and 30 to 60 days after views all in one scene, starting in 2024.
Validated by an overwhelming 99% approval in a focus group of skincare brands, this enhancement solidifies Space and Light Digital as the unparalleled global choice, endorsed by the top two selling platforms in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Elevate your brand with the authenticity, precision, and transformative results that define us.
Below, you can view samples of our recent projects. To request a quote and reserve a shoot date, please use the quote request form, or email us Bookings@spaceandlight.la or call at 213-537-0814.
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