The Regulars: A Vibrant Fashion Revolution Captured by Space and Light Digital

In the dynamic world of fashion, launching a brand with a distinctive voice is paramount. Enter The Regulars, a Los Angeles-based clothing brand and design studio founded by fashion industry veteran Eytan Moldovan. Known for their colorful, slightly subversive takes on American classics, The Regulars have quickly garnered a cult following with their limited-edition drops. To elevate their brand image and maximize their success, they partnered with Space and Light Digital, a premier digital production company, for an exceptional photoshoot that would propel their online presence and trade show exhibition.

The Brief

The Regulars needed an all-encompassing photographic solution that could be delivered in less than a week. The bjective was twofold: to create stunning ecommerce imagery for their website launch and to produce captivating lifestyle shots for their upcoming trade show. The tight deadline and high stakes meant that Space and Light Digital had to work with recision and creativity to bring Eytan Moldovan’s vision to life.

The Preparation

Understanding the essence of The Regulars was crucial. Space and Light Digital began by diving deep into the brand’s ethos—bold colors, rebellious twists on classics, and a devotion to quality and uniqueness. With this understanding, they curated a comprehensive plan that included:
  • Location Scouting: Identifying vibrant, urban locations in Los Angeles that resonated with the brand’s aesthetic.
  • Casting: Selecting models who embodied the spirit of The Regulars—diverse, edgy, and effortlessly cool.
  • Styling: Collaborating with The Regulars’ team to ensure each look was perfectly styled to highlight the unique features of the collection.

The Photoshoot: E-Commerce and Lifestyle

Over the course of a week, Space and Light Digital orchestrated an intensive shoot schedule, balancing between e-commerce and location shoots.
  • Studio Setup: A minimalist, high-key lighting setup to ensure the colors and details of each garment were captured with precision.
  • Product Focus: Crisp, clear images showcasing the intricate designs, fabric quality, and unique features of each piece.

Location Shoot and in Studio

  • Urban Backdrops: Iconic Los Angeles locations provided a vibrant backdrop, from cool bridges to sunlit cityscapes and industrial buildings.
  • Vintage $4 Million 1956 Porsche 356 America Roadster
  • Storytelling: Models interacted with the environment, bringing the clothes to life through dynamic poses and candid moments, reflecting the brand’s playful and rebellious spirit.

The Results

The final images were a perfect blend of sharp, detailed e-commerce shots and lively, expressive lifestyle photos. These visuals not only highlighted the uniqueness of The Regulars’ collection but also conveyed the brand’s identity with clarity and creativity. The photos were promptly edited and delivered, ready for the website launch and the upcoming trade show.

Launch and Exhibition

With the new imagery, The Regulars’ website was launched to much acclaim, featuring a visually cohesive and engaging shopping experience. At the trade show, the lifestyle images adorned the booth, drawing attendees in and sparking conversations about the brand’s innovative approach to American classics.


Space and Light Digital’s ability to deliver high-quality, brand-defining photography under a tight deadline ensured that The Regulars could launch their website and present at their trade show with confidence. This collaboration not only elevated the brand’s image but also set a new standard for what can be achieved when creativity meets precision in the fast-paced fashion industry. The Regulars are now well-positioned for continued growth and success, their bold vision beautifully captured and shared with the world.
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