San Francisco ECommerce Photography Service

From the Golden Gate to the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District, Space and Light Digital is simplifying the process of getting your products from the manufacturer to your website or eCommerce platform with our You Ship, We Shoot program. San Francisco has long been revered as a fashion capitol of the United States, and its easy to see why; The city has been home to some of our oldest and most well-known fashion establishments, like Levi Strauss & Co, and the Gap.

Prices of basic and premium product and eCommerce photography have increased drastically in urban centers, such as San Francisco, making it harder for fashion brands to gain access to quality services at reasonable prices. Sourcing these services out to a lower cost geographic location (such as Los Angeles) has long been the go-to option for designers and retail brands, but travel can be just as costly of an expense. We understand that, as a retail brand, your time is just as important as your money, which is why we have streamlined the process of getting your products from the manufacturer to our studio, without using up any of your additional time and resources.

Since 2002, Space and Light has been immersed in the Los Angeles fashion world, giving us access to the highest of quality resources, relationships, and rents in the area. In addition to the first class handling of your products, we also source model casting, makeup, hair, styling, photography, cropping, retouching, formatting, and copywriting. We offer studio or natural light; as well as multiple backdrop options, from a selection of seamless backdrops to the natural brick of our industrial DTLA Fashion District studio space.

Just like fashion, technology has evolved a great deal over the years, and for this reason Space and Light provides not only traditional on-model photography, but ghost mannequin photography and 360 video as well. 360 Video uses state of the art technology, allowing for the full garment or accessory to be displayed as a rotating, fully imagined image. Another great tool for showcasing your products is ghost mannequin photography; Where each item is shaped the way it would be on a model, making it simpler for buyers to imagine themselves in your designs. Unlike the flat lay styling option, in which your clothing and apparel are laid out shapeless on a surface or backdrop, ghost mannequin allows your items to hold their desired shape, making images of your products appear to be more professional and harmonious. It has never been easier to feature your craftsmanship on your favorite online retailer, such as Amazon, Shopify, or Magento.

Its as simple as preparing and shipping your garments or products, filling out our easy to navigate form*, and letting us handle the rest! Because we know you’ve taken great consideration in designing and creating your apparel, we want to give you every opportunity to present it in the best light possible. All collections must be dropped off or shipped 3 days in advance for all eCommerce photography requests. Get a quote and send us your products, all it takes is a shipping label!

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San Francisco ECommerce Photography